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Welcome to the Sports Advisor Network!

Our Sports Advisor Service uses over 15 proven indexes to eliminate the guess work in sports predictions. Without our professional sports picks and predictions you have a better chance of having lightning strike you three times in three different locations on three separate occasions than picking these games on your own!

An important part of any Sports Advisor’s strategy is having access to as many sources as possible.

Careful shopping for the best possible numbers often separates the winners from the losers. A half-point here, a point there will convert losing propositions into winners. At the end of the season our Sports Advisor’s plan on hitting above 65% in all major sports.

We specialize in NFL picks, NBA predictions, NHL game picks, MLB picks and dabble into MMA picks, when available.

Our forte and strong suit is in NFL sports picks. This is where we will blow your mind. I keep my advisors in the dark while supplying them with every resource needed to show you a stunning winning percentage!

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We know each of the following to be among the most respected sports facilities in operation. And although there can ultimately be no guarantees, our viewers know that since 2004, has endorsed only those products and services whose honesty and professionalism make them worthy of your interest.

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